Easily create a Yam Creator account with these steps


Success sometimes comes not from the effort, but simply from a click of registration for a Yam account. If you are a full-time Content creator and monetize the videos, podcasts, or artwork you publish, why not try becoming a Yam Creator and create a sustainable source of income by being a part of it? Yam: new OTT platform to help create stable revenue for Creator.

So, what is Yam?

Yam is an entertainment and live streaming mobile app for creators: content creators, which allows them to connect with fans in an unprecedented way. On Yam, content creation is a form of start-up, where the Creator runs their own business with quality content sold. By partnering with Yam, you can keep all the creative freedom and most of the revenue will go back to your wallet.

How to register for a Yam Creator account on the app?

Step 1: From the homepage, click on the Account icon. From the Account screen, you can Apply to be a Creator by clicking on the “Join Creator” feature.

Step 2: You will see the Yam “Terms and Conditions” agreement screen. After reading and agreeing to the recorded content, please click the Agree button

Step 3: Click “Go Yam Now” to return to the Home screen.

How to register for a Yam Creator account on the website?

Sign up by email

Step 1: From the Homepage, you can register as a Content Creator by clicking the “Sign Up” button. By clicking this button, you will see the Content Creator Sign Up screen.

Step 2: Similar to the app, after entering your email and password for successful registration and email verification, you can log in to the Creator’s Home page.

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Join Yam to unleash your creativity and get rich from your own talent.