How to support creator? Discover charming items to support creators on YAM 


How long has it been since you said your love, showed respect to the people around you, and supported the Creators that you follow their livestream every day? Don’t hesitate, send your emotional thoughts to the Creator during the livestream and seize the opportunity to chat with the Creator himself. Bring the Candies and Cakes prepared by Yam as a gift, support and encourage Creator to create more quality content in the future! 

How to Tip/Donate while watching a livestream via Yam app? 

Step 1: Open the livestream view, if the livestream is live and you have the right to chat in the livestream, you will see the screen as below: 

Step 2: While watching the livestream, you can click on the “Candy” icon to support your favorite Creator. Yam will display the backing screen as shown below: 

Step 3: Next, you click on the number of candies you want to send to the Creator and click the “Send candy” button. You can do the same thing with “Cake”, or you can choose to send the number of Candy/Cake you feel is suitable in addition to the Yam numbers already set. 

Step 4: Finally, you confirm sending candy by pressing “Send …” button, Yam will display the number of “Candy” you sent to Creator on live chat. 

Your supportive words matter to those hard-working Creators, and Yam is designed to ensure you can send your encouraging message to them. Support your favorite Creators by purchasing their paid-content or subscriptions and enjoy the exclusive benefits they’ve created for only you <Support Creator Tips>