The very first Viet-made subscription based social platform

Creative playground connects the Fan - Creator - Brand circle

Creators monetize authentic content

Brands develop with authenticity

Fans consume authentic content

Put Creator's creativity at the center

  • Generate a sustainable income from uploaded content with a high profit sharing rate
  • Reach the community of willing-to-pay fans
  • Collaborate in many
    Brand's projects

Create potential connections for Brands

  • Develop Influencer Marketing with the available Creator community
  • Reach target customers through project sponsorship

Enhance Fan's entertainment experience

  • Enjoy exclusive
    ad-free content
  • Directly connect and support your
    favorite Creators

Embrace Vietnamese creativity and be the guardian for passion in creativity.


Our mission is to provide an exclusive – transparent – ad-free space, where Vietnamese content Creator can freely create, connect, and monetize on their passions.

Core values

Being a represent of creative Millennials and Gen Zs, Yam shares the same unique personalities as: young, dynamic and passionate.

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