1. Terms of use

The First Publication: 5th October, 2021.

1.1. Welcome to Yam!

Yam is an online platform designed for Fans and Creators to make an interactive connection while exploring the content, project, or product posted by their favorite Creators. By creating an account and signing up for a subscription, Fans can access to the any projects or products and to enjoy exclusive contents of the Creators on our platform. Please read the content below to clearly understand about how you can use and manage your rights – responsibilities and other relevant regulations when you use our services. We hope that Creator and Fan can have a better understanding of our services through this Terms of Use.

1.2. Definition

This Terms of Use (the “Terms”) shall apply to both Fans and Creators (refer to “users”, “you” or “your”) in order to have access to our services. You can easily find these Terms at the Homepage screen on the app and the website.

“Services” refers to all services that Yam provides on our platform which can be used on various wired and wireless devices such as PCs, laptops (websites), mobile devices (apps) or any devices capable of broadcasting similar to those devices mentioned above. Note that only users who register as a Creator account can access our services and features on the website

“Content” refers to the messages, images, videos, livestreams, or any other works in form of information such as text, voice, audio, images, and videos uploaded on Yam when you use our services.

“Fans” are users who register for a fan account, which allowed to have access to the content, products, or any projects of the creators on our platform.

“Creators” are users who register for a creator account, allowed to post their works, products and projects on our platform.

“Token” or Items, is an intermediary payment unit, a conversion tool in transactions between Creator and Fan on Yam. Tokens/Items are not a monetary currency

1.3. How to use our services!

You must be at least 16 (sixteen) years old or above in order to use our services. Users between the age of 14 and 16 must have full permission from their parents or legal guardian to use our services.

To get started as a Fan, you must create an account in the Fan Subscriptions section. You must provide accurate information and agree to our terms to be granted an account and access to our services. You are allowed to use this account to connect with your favorite creators, which means you can get the latest news from them or their works, interactively comments to engage with creators, register for a subscription depending on your needs and personal preferences and use the e-payment gateway to pay for a subscription.

To get started as a Creator, you need to create an account in the Creator Subscriptions section. You must provide accurate information and agree to our terms to be granted an account and access to our services. You are allowed to use this account to connect with your Fans, update news of your products or projects, content, or subscriptions so that Fans can register for it. Yam is truly a place that allowed you to create multiple Fan groups and directly chat with them

Yam only provides the platform allowing Creators and Fan to connect and interact through products and services of Creators, who are responsible for any content or works uploaded on our platform. They can easily create works and projects to offer separate benefit packages for their fans. For each subscription, Fans will have access to various content and benefits of creator’s products, specifically these benefits will be listed precisely by Creator before Fans decide to proceed any payment for the benefits package.

If you wish to delete or suspend your account, please contact us at [email protected] for further support. Once you choose to delete your account, you agree that you won’t have any complaints or take any actions against us for deleting or suspending your account. In case you still want to take these actions, you must pay for any losses from those actions, including attorney’s costs.

In case the content you post on our platform is contrary to our regulations, policies or any provisions of law, we may terminate or suspend your account, including but not limited to the right to unsubscribe, delete any of your comments, posts, followers, or tokens at any time depending on our decision

You may give Yam access to your third-party accounts, such as Google, YouTube, etc., in order to enable some features on Yam. Once you connect, that third-party account will display a page describing information that Yam can access.

1.4. Tokens, payments and withdraw

Yam is an intermediary platform connecting Creators and Fans, we do not attain any benefits from Fans during your access to Creator projects or products. Therefore, all transactions of any parties must be conducted on Yam, as both users agree that we will be the representatives for collecting and transferring payment, as well as the direct monitor of Creator’s incomes and Fan’s spending for these transactions.

For more details about this, please contact us via [email protected] .

1.5. You need to follow the following rules

You are required not to share, buy, sell, or exchange user account information and information and content that you obtain when you have registered to use our services and/or service packages. of the Creator. In case you share the above information without our permission, you must bear all relevant responsibilities before the law and in accordance with these Terms. Please contact us immediately if you think your account has been compromised. You can learn more on our Privacy Policy page

You are required to be responsible before the law for all content that you post and are recorded by our system, including but not limited to any untrue words, actions, and acts. ; defame, insult or defame the honor and dignity of individuals and organizations; use offensive language, violate fine customs and traditions; spreading fake news, false news; advertising, trading in illegal services on Yam and other words, actions and behaviors that affect social order and safety in accordance with the law.

The copyright of the products, content and projects that Creator posts on Yam belongs to the creator of the post, ie Creator. Copyright and all intellectual property rights to the service on Yam application belong to us. We only grant Fan the right to use the service after you agree to the terms and conditions set forth by us.

You will be responsible for all activity on your account and we may delete your Yam account if it violates our policies and regulations. You must not perform illegal acts, insult others or take advantage of Yam to perform illegal acts. Details can be found in the Community Guidelines and Privacy Policy. These policies cover almost any issue that may arise, but if you take other actions that harm Yam, interfere with our business or our community, we will take action. action to prevent such action.

In order to use Yam properly, the following acts are strictly prohibited during the use of the service: providing false information when registering for an account or changing information; stealing other people’s information; unauthorized collection, disclosure or provision of personal data, registration data or usage history of other users; pose a risk to account security such as allowing others to access your account; spreading false information for the purpose of profiting from your or someone else’s property; or cause damage to others; discriminatory or damage the reputation of individuals or organizations.

In addition, we do not allow changes to the information published by us and the use of the service for profit without our consent. Impersonation or spreading misinformation regarding Yam, us or third parties, identity theft and intellectual property rights violations including copyrights, harm reputation or interfere with business operations. You are also prohibited from sending or publishing information other than that specified by us, accessing the service’s servers and the network in unauthorized ways (by using automated programs). ). In addition, disclosing or printing sexually explicit or violent messages, images, voices, and information depicting abusive practices or content that deceives others (such as impersonating someone other than you) or making false statements) or posting information for the purpose of committing a crime, or aiding or abetting a criminal offence, is prohibited. Anything else not mentioned in this document is subject to the policies and regulations declared by other relevant governmental authorities and policies.

You can view content for personal purposes like livestream, event, VOD, etc. are made available to you through the services, and you may perform activities that we allow (e.g. write comments, interact, etc.). In this case, you will not acquire any rights to the content made available through Yam. In particular, you may not engage in arbitrary acts of creating content in separate video files, posting content on the internet, providing content to third parties or infringing any other copyright on the content. content mentioned.

1.6. We promise the following

We will strive to protect the personal information you have provided to us.

We will protect your personal information in accordance with relevant laws and our Privacy Policy and regulations on the privacy of users’ personal information. However, we will provide your personal information in certain circumstances such as a government agency request for personal information, when it is determined that there is an imminent risk to life or death. user safety and this needs to be addressed.

We will notify you of all important issues and actively consider your comments. Yam may notify you of material information through in-service notifications or other means as we deem appropriate, unless otherwise specified in the Terms. Yam will try to resolve any legitimate comments or complaints related to the use of the service. For comments or complaints that you have submitted to us, Yam will use the Help Center or other methods we deem appropriate to provide you with a response and resolution process

Yam will try to provide quality and stable service.

Yam may change or terminate all or part of the services provided according to operational and technical requirements. If there is a change in the content, usage or duration of the service, or if the service ends, we will announce the reason for the change, the changed service contents and the date of provision, etc. so that you can recognize and check, for example, through an in-service notification screen. During the use of the service, we may change or stop the free services to suit our operating situation from time to time.

1.7. We would like to announce you some other issues

There are a few exceptions to the responsibility to operate the services.

Yam will not be responsible for any failure to provide the service due to natural disasters or other force majeure events, as well as any technical errors, communication errors in the use of the service including the fault of user.

In addition, Yam will not guarantee the reliability and accuracy of all content such as information, data and events that Creators and Fans have uploaded to the system.

When Fan registers for a subscription, Fan and Creator are required to take full responsibility for the transactions between the parties and/or third parties.

We do not allow content posted by the Creator that violates our policies and applicable laws.

You can learn more by visiting our Community Guidelines and Benefits Guidelines.

If your Fan includes people between the ages of 14 and 16, remind them that they need the permission of their parents or guardians to join your subscription and that people under the age of 14 cannot use them. use Yam’s services. Creators are also responsible for keeping their Fan information safe. You can see the requirements in our policies. Accounts are tied to one Creator and cannot be sold or transferred to another Creator for use.

1.8. Dispute resolution

We encourage you to contact us when you have a problem and always give priority to solving problems by exchange, negotiation, negotiation. If a dispute arises out of these terms or related to your use of Yam, such dispute will be applied in accordance with the laws of Vietnam and will be resolved in the competent People’s Court in Vietnam. . Both parties agree to the sole right and venue of the courts of Vietnam for the purpose of resolving any future disputes.

1.9. Note

We reserve the right to modify the Terms to suit our operations and applicable laws. When we make changes to the Terms, we will note the applicable date and publish them along with the new terms.

By agreeing to our other terms and policies when joining Yam. Please read carefully and let us know if you have any questions regarding service usage. For practical data, please see our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy. We may collect and use your information in accordance with those policies.

To the extent permitted by law, we are not liable to you for any incidental or consequential damages arising from these terms when you use Yam.

To the extent permitted by law, our liability for damages is limited to the amount of money we earn through your use of Yam. We are not specifically liable for losses related to unrealized benefits and losses due to contract conflicts.

2. Privacy policy

The First Publication: 5th October, 2021.

2.1. Welcome to Yam!

Thank you for choosing us!

Yamlive Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “we”, “us”, or “our”) is the unit responsible for platform operating and managing an application Yam and the website https://yamlive.vn/ (hereinafter “Yam”).

We collect, process and store user’s information to provide services including:

– On the website https://yamlive.vn/ and the application Yam;

– Via email, text messages and other communications between users and our website, application, or

Through mobile application which you may download from website https://yamlive.vn/, Google Play Store, App Store, or any non-browser-based provider of dedicated interaction between you and our website.

We have no control over any websites from third-party that may link to or are accessible from the website and are not responsible for their privacy terms.

2.2. Data collected from users

We collect information from our users including personal data used for authentication, or information provided since users use Yam includes but is not limited to the content posted and recorded on Yam platform (“Personal Data”).

By using our products and services, you agree to this Privacy Policy to let us collect, process, store, and transfer your personal data. We create mechanisms allowing you to express your consent as we collect your data.

2.3. How user data is collected

While using our services, we will notify users by submitting requests for the required information we need to collect. You have the right to review and decide on the provision of information.

For details on how we collect your personal data, please visit our “Cookie Policy”

2.4. How we use your personal data

We use your information in the following cases:

– Provide services: introduce or provide services in accordance with our terms of use, or to make personalized suggestions for you that we need to verify your account.

– System management and support: information management or user support which may include sending notifications, registrations, support technical issues, etc.

– Content improvement: conduct research or analyze your activity to develop, testing or improve our services.
Legal: enforce our terms of use and comply with legal obligations.

How we secure your personal data:

We take actions to ensure that your personal data is protected from unauthorized access, alteration, disclosure, including:

We will proactively prevent spam or unsafe links, ensure cybersecurity and prevent hackers from infiltrating personal data. However, we do not fully guarantee a total absence of unsafe activities from users.

Therefore, for your greatest assurance, do not access any suspicious link on Yam that may violate our terms of use and immediately report to us.

We use encryption while transmitting data between your devices and our systems and a firewall to help prevent unauthorized access to your personal data. Note that we cannot completely eliminate security risks associated while storing or transferring personal data.

It is your responsibility to maintain the security of your password and account information anytime, anywhere. We are not responsible for any privacy settings or security measures available on websites or apps that you have violated.

We restrict access to your personal data to Yam employees and representatives to process the information and provide you with the best experience. Anyone with this access must perform strict contractual confidentiality obligations and may be disciplined or terminated if they do not comply with those obligations.

For more information about security, you can visit our “Privacy Policy” or contact us at [email protected]

2.5. Share your personal data

You agree that we may disclose your personal data in the following cases:

– Share with third-party organizations under our control to provide our products including service delivery, customer management, product adjustment, advertising, analytics, verification, functionality, security, etc.

– Share with payment service providers: we share with vendors and service providers your information which may include but is not limited to payment processing information for service packs.

– Share with regulators, law enforcement, or those we believe disclosure is necessary to (a) satisfy applicable law, regulations, legal process or response to a legal request, (b) enforce terms of use, including investigating potential violations, (c) detect, prevent or resolve illegal or suspected illegal activities, security or technical issues, (d) protect against any damages to the property or safety of our company, our users, employees, or others; or (e) to maintain and protect the security and integrity of our services or infrastructure. In such cases, we may make or abandon any legal objections or rights available to us, at our own decision.

– Share with analytics service providers: we provide information to third-party analytics services, such as YouTube Analytics on our website and mobile application. These service providers may use a number of tracking technologies, including cookies, to analyze your activity when using services that are beyond our control. Therefore, your personal data may be disclosed by these services.

In addition, you can actively share creators’ content via our sharing features with other social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube (known as the “Social Network”) in accordance with our regulations. However, when you select sharing with any other social network, we have no control over it and you’ll be subject to those online connected social networks’ policies (e.g., Security and Privacy Policy of Google). Please keep in mind that we do not take any liability arising with social networks when you use content sharing or any similar features.

2.6. Proactively regulate your personal data

We strive to provide you with rights and choices regarding the information we collect, including editing, updating, deleting or suspending your account.

You can access the “Account” section to review, editing or updating your personal data. Please note that the adjustments you make must be true, or you will take full responsibility for the updated information you provide.

If you want to delete or suspend your account, please contact us at [email protected] for proper guidance and support.

You may opt-out of Cookies or providing us with certain personal data, but that may result in your inability to use some of our features as such information may be required to register account; purchase items or services, financial transactions, other payments, etc.

Note: that you should consider carefully as you cannot restore your account after deleting it. To protect your rights, you’re required to check information related to your account such as subscriptions, the number of items purchased, etc.

2.7. Retaining your personal data

We store and retain your personal data for the purposes described in this Privacy Policy, including when you decide to delete or suspend your account.

2.8. Personal data deletion

If you want to delete a portion or all of the personal data collected through registration and use of services on Yam, please contact us at [email protected] for proper guidance and support.

2.9. How do we notify you changes to this policy

We will try to notify you of major changes to this privacy policy as we may revise or update our policy. However, it is your responsibility to constantly review the latest version to capture any changes.

As any changes to this policy are made, the date of changes will be reflected in the “last updated date”. Please review our most current version of our updated policies and agree to them to continue using our services.

2.10. About third parties

This policy does not create enforceable rights by third parties or require the disclosure of any personal data relating to services users of the service, except in the cases listed above and other cases with the user’s consent.

2.11. Applicable policy subjects

We provide services to users aged 16 or older and we do not intentionally collect personal data from minors.

We will take actions to remove unnecessary information or delete an account in the following cases:

Users under the age of 16 that have provided inaccurate personal data to use our services; or

Users aged between 16 and under 18 without providing or providing incorrect age information.

Please contact us at [email protected] if you know any user in the above cases.

You agree that we do not assume any responsibility or obligation when you provide inaccurate information of your Personal Data.

2.12. User obligations when violating policies

When a user’s violation is detected, we will try to minimize its consequences affecting other users.

You agree that we do not have any responsibility or obligation related to your violation of this Privacy Policy. In addition, users are responsible for and compensate for any damages caused by their violations.

2.13. Contact

If you have any questions about this policy or our information processing methods, you can contact us at [email protected].

3. Terms of use

The First Publication: 5th October, 2021

Cookies are text files stored on your device when you access a website. These text files help to recognize which device that you use. They remember your visit history and perform some optional tasks in a period of time, for example, you don’t have to log in or reinstall each time you visit a new page on our website. They can be used to store information that users provide on our website such as name, address, password, etc.

In fact, Cookies are used to describe a wide range of different technology including:

– The Pixel tag (transparency graphic images placed on a website or in an email, showing that website or email has been viewed).

– The Mobile device identity.

– The Data storage memory of a website, which is used in computer software or mobile devices.

There are several types of Cookies, including:

Session Cookies and persistent Cookies

+ Session Cookies – expire as soon as you leave the site; and

+ Persistent Cookies – remain active on your device for a period of time or until you delete them.

First-Party Cookies and Third-Party Cookies

+ First-party cookie – they are set by the website you visit at the time, which may be set by us, or by a third-party that we request them to;

+ Third-party Cookies – they are set by someone other than the website you are visiting.

If you visit Yam website or use our services and another party sets Cookies through that website, this will be a third-party cookie.

3.1. Using Cookies on Yam

We do not use Cookies to identify personal information or any purpose besides those described below:


We are able to operate Yam adapted to your request by these Cookies. For example, they allow us to recognize the type of subscription you choose and provide services accordingly.

Security and Authentication

We use certain Cookies functions and similar technologies to ensure that we work properly for our Creators, such as maintaining security, safety and integrity on Yam, authentication and log in (including permissions you have provided).

Performance and Analytics

Several technologies provide us with data on our operational performance. Our services and platform can be improved by website speeding up, errors detecting and issues report to remain the best experiences for our users.


Cookies allow the personalization of your view mode or any related settings. Some Cookies even provide navigation functionality. For example, you can use Yam in the language same as the one used on the website you have visited before.


These Cookies allow us to provide better services according to your preferences, such as remembering your username or how you edit information, etc. In addition, this Cookies help us improve our quality to bring the best experience for users to our website.

3.2. Managing Your Cookie Preferences

You may withdraw or modify your consent to our use of Cookies at any time. If you no longer wish to receive Cookies, you can use your website browser settings to accept, decline and delete Cookies. Please note that if you set your browser to refuse Cookies, you may not be able to use all the features of Yam website.

3.3. Changes To This Policy

We periodically update Cookies Policy to clarify the legal and operational changes, describe the updated Cookies and tracking technologies, and describe their effects on the use of your information. For more information, please contact us via email [email protected].

4. Benefits policy

The First Publication: 5th October, 2021.

We aim to create Yam as a beneficial playground for our users that includes Creators & Fans. To achieve that, you must comply with our policy to protect the interests of the community and your Fans.

4.1. Policy enforcement

Creators need to control the content posted on Yam and avoid any type of content which we cover in this Policy.

We are responsible for performing censorship, and analyzing sensitive language in all content published on Yam to ensure our users’ interests. We also make certain that users understand these policies and do not violate any prohibitions.

4.2. Illegal contents

We obey Vietnamese laws and build our regulations on banning content, in the form of writing, images, comments, and words related to illegal topics for Fans and Creators, including:

Any images which are abusive, or using offensive words or threaten human life, dignity, honor, harass others, depict sexual abuse with minors, people or animals.

Any activities taking part in betting or gambling.

Affecting others to engage in illegal activities.

4.2.1. Drugs, addictive substances and supplements

Our Creators and Fans are not allowed to encourage or promote the use of drugs or addictive substances in their content, which may include certain topics that they are not permitted to mention:

– Drugs or drug paraphernalia.

– Payment methods may include coupons, gift cards or any other substitutes for purchasing or selling drugs, or supplements.

– Medication or supplements which are used to lose weight, boost energy or those advertised to be highly effective medication but lacking a corresponding certificate from the competent authority “magic medicine”.

Fans are not allowed to discuss any mentioned topics in their groups chat or in the comment section.

4.2.2. Weapons and Explosives

Any references to guns or other weapons are not allowed on Yam, which may include:

– Provide any lethal weapon.

– Mention of fireworks or illegal activities such as purchasing, selling, exchanging, proposing, manufacturing producing, causing ideological impacts in your material, comments, messages in group chat, images, products, projects, etc. In case user violates our term, we will delete that content, images, products, or any relevant content, as well as delete your account on Yam. Users will be handled according to the applicable law.

– Payment methods which may include coupons, gift cards or any other substitutes for purchasing or selling drugs, or supplements.

– Instruction documentations illustrate and describe weapons production and maintenance, for example 3D printed blueprints for guns and other self-made products.

4.2.3. Alcohol and Cigarettes

You are allowed to create a page to taste many types of beer, or how to make cocktails, even giving cigars review or discuss the history of tobacco and alcohol. However, we will restrict the following content if we feel that it is used for the purposes of promoting or encouraging users to use alcohol and cigarettes:

– Alcoholic beverages and smoking substances, which may include tobacco, cigars, vapes, e-cigarettes, rolling papers and cigarettes in any content uploaded on Yam.

– Promotions, coupons, or any other form of benefits for the purchase or possession of alcoholic beverages or smoking substances.

4.2.4. Finance and Virtual Currency

Yam is an intermediary platform connecting Fans and Creators via the works, images, projects, information, or services provided by Creators. As a payment intermediary, we are responsible for collecting from Fans and transferring to pay for Creators. We only use legally valid currency to redeem tokens when fans proceed with purchasing Creator’s Paid Services. Any unauthorized currency by the Vietnamese government will not be allowed at the moment of Item redemption.

Our platform, as previously stated, is intended for Creators to share information, products, projects, and works with their Fans. You are not permitted to upload contents on our platform that introduce or tele-market users to join virtual currency investment plans or any other similar form.

4.2.5. Nudity Works 18+

As our users are at least 16 years old or above, you agree that any content posted on Yam, ether on your site or on the pages of other individuals or organizations, must be appropriate for each of our users. Posts containing adult content must be marked “18+”.

Please note that we are not talking about “right” or “wrong”, but rather for viewers to consider selecting appropriate content before actually watching on Yam.

On Yam, Creators and Fans do not upload, livestream, comment, messages in group chat, share or otherwise distribute the following content:

– Content that explicitly or implicitly describes sexual activities including or not penetration or oral sex.

– Content describes aphrodisiac activity.

– Content depicts sexual fetish.

– Content contains sexually explicit language.

Sexual abuse is defined as a process in which a person uses his or her position to entice or coerce another to engage in sexual activity, including fabricated content or manipulation:

– Content that depicts, solicits, promotes, normalizes, or glorifies non-consensual sexual acts, including rape and sexual assault.

– Content that depicts, solicits, promotes, normalizes, or glorifies the sharing of intimate images without consent, including sexually explicit images taken, created, or shared without consent intention from the owner.

– Content that depicts, promotes, normalizes or glorifies sexual violence, sexual exploitation.

– Content that depicts, promotes or glorifies sexual solicitation, including soliciting or requesting a sexual partner, sexual chat or images, sexual services, high-profile pornography, or sex filming sex.

– Nudity and sexual activity involving people of all ages.

– Nudity and sexual activity including content that openly exposes genitals or acts that mimic, imply or represent sexual acts.

4.3. Health & Food Safety

Creators are welcomed to upload content related to cooking, how to prepare dishes with your unique recipes or discussing about health and nutrition. However, we do not accept content which is not hygienic, contrary to the truth, sharing uncertified recipes that affect to our users’ health.

4.4. Multi-levels Marketing and Online Selling

Yam is not a platform used for selling products, and it was not designed to promote online selling or multi-level marketing. We aim to provide a creative space for Creators who strive to pursue their own passions. Please adhere to this guideline to ensure that the quality is worthwhile for your Fans.

If you are unsure whether the content you are about to post or a post on Yam is listed in the mentioned guideline, please contact us at [email protected] for detailed information.

4.5. Acts prescribed by Vietnamese law ​

Aside from the mentioned acts and content which are not permitted on Yam, there are certain acts that are contrary to Vietnamese applicable laws, which are not covered in this guideline, will also be prohibited from being uploaded on our platform, including but not limited to any acts, words, content containing information related to Illegal betting or gambling; Purchasing or selling of goods which are banned from regulations; Human or animal trafficking; Defamation and insult others’ honor, health, dignity and morality; Anti-government propaganda; Outrages against morality and fine customs; And other acts, words, content that are contrary to current legal provisions.

Please contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions or concerns about this policy. We are always available to assist you.