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  • About Yam

    • What is Yam?

      Yam is the first subscription-based digital platform from Vietnam, providing an ideal creative space that directly connects the Fan – Creator – Brand community.

    • What makes Yam special compared to other platforms?

      You’re Content Creators: Our profit-sharing model provides a sustainable source of income for Creators to live with their passion through the content they post on Yam while connecting and engaging with their Fans. You don’t have to worry about any advertisements popping-up in your content or strict conditions on the number of followers. Without any requirements for a specific number of followers or subscribers on any platforms, as well as the support tools and data analytics from Yam, Creators will have a closer look into their Fans’ interests and hence develop the right content while managing their financial status.

      You’re Fans: Yam is a place where you can watch the person you like to make what you want to see. It will be you who decides the quality of such content by supporting your favorite creators by purchasing a specific package of content given by creators themselves and feel free to view paid content without being bothered by ads.

      You’re Brands & Advertisers: For brands that need to advertise products and services, Yam is a paradise for creators who are famous and influential in a variety of fields. Therefore, finding talents becomes easier; brands have the opportunity to easily bring their products to the target audience through Yam.

    • Can I use Yam on my computer?

      For Creators: We have the Creator Website version to make it easier and more convenient to upload your content, manage income and access information and data of Fans.

      For Fans: Our Yam app will bring you to the world of exclusive content with many engaging features to connect with your favorite Creators on Yam.

  • Creator Account

    • Conditions to become Creators

      Our only condition is that you must be at least 16+ years old or with parental consent and supervision to join in as a Creator on Yam.

      We don’t set any requirements on the number of subscribers/followers on any platform. The quality and message that you deliver in your content are what we focus on as we always welcome Creators from all industries to join and connect with others in Yam.

    • How to create a Creator account on Yam?
      • Step 1: Download Yam app on Google Play Store (for Android devices) or App Store (for IOS devices) or visit website yamlive.vn
      • Step 2: Click the “Register” button and follow the instructions to create an account
      • Step 3: Agree to our Terms and conditions
      • Step 4: Check your email and verify your account
      • Step 5: After successful creating the account, go to your personal page
      • Step 6: Click “go to my Creator account” and link your Yam account to personal YouTube account. The account verification may take 1-2 hours
    • How to create, edit and manage Creator Profile?

      After successful create the Creator account, follow these steps to update your information and create a Creator Profile on Yam:

      The first way: From “Personal Profile”:

      • Step 1: Go to “Personal Profile” and click “Edit Profile”
      • Step 2: Here, you can edit or update your information (Name, Description, Gender, Email, Phone, Address, and Date of Birth).
      • Step 3: Upload an avatar and cover photos to get more attention and easier recognition.
      • Step 4: Don’t forget to click “Save” button to save your changes.

      The second way: From “Creator Profile”:

      • Step 1: Click “Edit Profile” in the right corner of the cover photos.
      • Step 2: Here, you can edit or update your information (Name, Description, Gender, Email, Phone, Address and Date of Birth).
      • Step 3: Upload avatar and cover photos to get more attention and easier recognition.
      • Step 4: Don’t forget to click “Save” button to save your changes.
    • How can Yam support Creators?

      We want to give a hand to support our Creators on Yam. Use our supporting tools to have a better understanding of your Fans and the content that drive a higher her amount to your income:

      • Yam Blog: Many articles and blogs provide you with information and news on topics related to the content creator industry, personal branding, marketing, etc.
      • Yam Analytics: Understand your audience with our data, which portraits the engagement of audience on your content, which content drives the most attention of your Fans, etc.
      • Community (Yam Creator Community): Connect with the creative community, get in touch with like-minded people to exchange knowledge and information, share ideas and tips, etc.

      Moreover, we offer support on your demand with creative direction, production support, communication strategy, business development, etc.

      Visit Creator page for more details.

  • Invoice & Payment

    • How can I generate income on Yam?

      Yam provides Creators with a sustainable source of income through:

      • Exclusive Content that you produce exclusively for your Fan community.
      • Sell tickets for online/offline events you organize (Liveshow, Workshop online, Podcast…)
      • Donate directly from Fans through livestreams
      • Have the opportunity to cooperate in media/advertising projects outside of Yam.
    • How long to receive income from Yam? (Monthly, quarterly or whenever I want?)

      After receiving Bánh and Kẹo from Fans, you can completely convert the items to cash in the bank account you have registered with us.

      In addition, when using Yam in the Website Creator version, you can completely install the monthly item exchange feature with an optional number of items. Send us a request as soon as you need it! Requests will be made on the 15th and 30th of each month.

    • What payment methods are available on Yam?

      We use payment gateways to make transactions between Creators and Fans more convenient, including: Momo, VN Pay, One Pay and Ngan Luong E-Banking.

      Recording and managing your finances just got easier with our wallet with online payment gateways, helping you focus on creating fresh content.

    • How to withdraw money from Yam?

      You can withdraw money easily through the following steps:

      Step 1: Go to the E-wallet section

      Step 2: Select transfer (Transfer)

      Step 3: Enter the desired amount | Enter the number of tokens (Cake/Candy) you want to withdraw

      Step 4: Make a withdrawal (Request Transfer)

      Step 5: Verify the account password (Password) to make the transaction

      Step 6: “Ting Ting”. The money is back. Check your bank account to make sure the transaction is successful!

    • How to know a successful withdrawal?

      To perform a lookup of past transactions, access the “Transfer list” at E-wallet/Transfer/Transfers list. In addition, after each successful transaction, you will also receive an email with the transaction details. Therefore, you can completely control your finances easily with Yam.

    • What is Subscription?

      The subscription package includes exclusive and attractive benefits that Creator will carefully select, in order to bring special, private experiences to Fans community. It could be: joining a private group chat, an event discount, or interesting content that only subscribers have the opportunity to experience.

    • What benefits can I put for Fans?

      The benefits of Subscriptions depend on the Creator’s choice. We leave the decision in your hands, our amazing Creators will be the one who knows your Fan best.

      Our suggestions include: joining a private group chat, the opportunity to join the Creator in live livestreams, prioritizing access to exclusive content before everyone else, and more. Yam believes that with non-stop creativity, you can completely create many benefit packages for your Fans.

    • How to set each fee level for each subscription?

      We can’t give you an exact breakdown of the fee level of each subscription should be. We believe in your ability to understand your Fans and audience to make the right decision.

      Instead, we encourage you to determine whether your goals are financial or if you want to engage the community.

      • If your goal is financial: arrange your desired financial breakdown on Yam against your other channels’ earnings and from Yam’s in-depth data analysis.
      • If your goal is to engage the community: relying on Yam’s in-depth data analysis system in your previous content, you can create and develop content to attract a wider fan base.
  • Guide lines & Security

    • What benefits can’t be included in a Subscription?

      We want create a safe space for our Creators and Fans. Therefore, when using Yam, you need to comply with our policies to ensure the interests of the community. and your Fan.

      Illegal content is related to drugs, addictive substances, dangerous weapons, explosives, coins, functional foods affect health conditions, etc., which we have provided in our [Benefit Guidelines].

    • Who are not allowed to use Yam?

      We develop policies to protect Creator and minimize piracy by warning or removing accounts that violate copyright and intellectual property.

      When you discover copyright infringement on your work on Yam, we recommend that you learn more about intellectual property law and consult an attorney before filing a complaint or lawsuit. offense on Yam.

      When necessary, please send a notice of violation via email [email protected] or press the report button to us on the Yam platform. Refer to the content we mentioned in [Copyright & Trademarks].

    • Who are not allowed to use Yam?

      We do not allow the following users on Yam:

      • Those who have an account on Yam but violate our policies and terms, leading to the account being banned from using on Yam.
      • Users under the age of 16 do not have consent from parents or guardians.

      We always aim for a useful playground for all users, including Creator & Fan. Therefore, when using Yam, you need to comply with this policy of ours to protect the interests of the Creator and Fan community.

    • What content can creators post on Yam?

      There are some content that we do not allow to post on our website:

      • Content that uses offensive language, violates fine customs and traditions.
      • Content spreading fake news, false news.
      • Advertising and trading illegal services.
      • Content that upsets public opinion and affects social order and safety.
      • Content with 18+.

      For details, please visit our and .

    • What information do I have to provide when using Yam?

      For Creators, you need to provide information such as:

      • Personal information (name, date of birth, email, etc.)
      • YouTube account.
      • Bank account which you choose to withdraw money

      For Fans, you need to provide information such as:

      • Personal information
      • Bank account

      In addition, Yam will actively collect information from users, help us develop Yam more in the future, improve the best quality for Yam users. Detailed information about the collected content is listed in detail by Yam in .

    • Do I need to quit on other platforms which I’ve joined?

      The answer from Yam is no. You can completely use multiple platforms at the same time to promote your images and products. Take advantage of them effectively and skillfully, choose unique and exclusive content to post and call on people to support you in certain channels, in order to bring you the best source of income, such as Yam.

      Visit our for more information about our policies or contact Yam for proper support.

    • Am I required to promote Yam on my personal channels?

      Yam does not make requirements or terms that force you to promote Yam’s image anywhere. We appreciate your love and affection for Yam when we see our Creator image on other platforms.

      Take advantage of the advantages you have available, connect and attract people to search and support you on Yam will help bring many opportunities for you to grow as well as increase your income from Yam.

      Refer to our for more information about our policies or contact Yam directly.

    • Do I have to sign a contract with Yam?

      We do not place any constraints or require you to sign a contract to become a Creator and use Yam’s platform. However, you need to agree to abide by our Terms of Use and Guidelines to provide an entertaining, creative, healthy, safe and rewarding space for Yam users.

      Refer to our and for more information about our policies, or contact Yam directly.

    • Is there any required amount of content per month that I need to create/post on Yam?

      Yam does not set requirements on how much content Creators need to post each month. You are free to create, arrange and arrange a posting schedule that is reasonable and suitable for your needs and abilities. We encourage the Creator to follow and maintain a fixed posting schedule, making it easy for fans to remember, while maintaining the amount of interaction and increasing the income from Yam.

      Refer to our for more information about our policies or contact Yam directly.

  • Tax & Law

    • Is my income from Yam taxable?

      When posting content on Yam platform, Creators will receive income from Fan and is responsible for personal income tax, value-added tax, (for individuals) and corporate income tax, value-added tax (for organizations) on the portion of income earned.

    • How much tax do I have to pay? When does the Creator have to pay this tax?

      Depending on the tax residency status and legal status of the Creator, taxes such as:

      • Value-added tax (VAT),
      • Personal income tax (PIT),
      • Corporate income tax (CIT),
      • Different tax rates.

      Detailed regulations on tax residency and legal status will be specified in Appendix 01 when Creator signs the Agreement with us.

      As soon as Fan completes the payment for the content and products posted by Creators, they will receive income and begin to incur PIT, CIT, and VAT obligations.

    • Can Yam support me to pay my taxes? If not, where do I go to pay my taxes?

      We support our Creators in paying taxes and working with state agencies related to taxes arising from activities on Yam. You just need to fill in all information and sign the Certificate form. With our tax authority, Yam will pay tax on your behalf on the portion of taxable income arising from operating on Yam.

      Particularly for the Creator who is a Vietnamese organization, the Creator must declare and pay CIT and VAT at the tax authority in accordance with the law.

    • Is the monthly withdrawal from Yam tax deductible?

      When doing your Monthly Payment Process, your receipts are withheld taxes so that we can perform obligations on your behalf to the competent tax authorities unless Creator is aVietnamese organization. Total profit and revenue are controlled through payment intermediaries, which is clearly shown through information on our platform.

      In case the Vietnamese tax authority has instructions on applying the new tax, we will notify you and make deductions according to the instructions.

      In case the Creator is a Vietnamese organization, the Creator is responsible for declaring and paying tax according to the tax period that the organization registered with the tax authority. These Creators must issue an invoice to the Fan for the corresponding income received from the Fan and send a scanned copy of the invoice to Yam for the working process between Yam and the tax authority upon request.

    • Will Yam issue an invoice when I used services on Yam?

      We will issue an invoice of the corresponding services fee based on the information you provided since both parties’ve signed the Contract.

      In situations that you need to update or adjust your information, please contact us via email address [email protected] for proper support.

    • Will Fans have to pay for any fee or tax when using Yam’s services?

      Fans are entitled to use free services on Yam, but the free service package will only have certain benefits according to the regulations. In situations a fan wants to buy our virtual items/tokens to have access to the exclusive content or to support Creators, we will calculate value-added tax according to tax laws.

      You will be able to know which content is paid since we will note it and display it on the screen before they make a payment.

    • Will Yam issue a value-added invoice to Fan when purchasing items/tokens?

      Once you’ve completed payment for the token, we will send a confirmation of your successful payment to the email address in which you’ve registered to inform you of the payment details including the amount, date and time, payment method forms of payment, and any other relevant information.

      We act as an intermediary to collect – pay for any transactions between Creators and Fans, and Creators are the main party that directly provides services for Fans. Creators, who are Vietnamese organizations or business individuals who have registered for tax, they’re responsible to invoice when Fans pay for the services package.

  • Technical Error

    • I’ve changed my account from Fans to Creators, but when I log in, it still appears as Fans account?

      When you want to become a Creator on Yam since you’ve registered for Fans account, you will simultaneously own 2 types of accounts: both Creators and Fans.

      Follow these steps to switch between Fan and Creator mode in your account:·

      • Step 1: Go to your Profile.
      • Step 2: Select “Go to my Creator page”.
      • Step 3: Welcome to YamCreator!
    • I’ve encountered an error while enjoying a content (VOD/Livestream/etc.)

      Yam is sorry about the problem you’re experiencing. Please send your information to [email protected] email address so that we can assist you. After receiving information about your issue, Yam will perform a test on the system and get back to you as soon as possible.

      Information includes:

      • Your YamID account.
      • The name and type of that content (VOD, Livestream, Events, etc.)
      • Describe the problem and screenshots that you’ve encountered
    • Why can’t I attend an event despite having purchased ticket for it?

      We apologize for any inconvenience you’ve experienced. Please contact us at [email protected] to report your problem. Once we’ve received your problem request, we’ll run a check on the system and get back to you as soon as possible.

      Information including:

      • YamID Account.
      • Name of the Creator & the Event you’ve purchased ticket.
      • The amount of Token you’ve used to purchase ticket.