Fans ask YAM answers to: How to find your favorite Creator?


Yam provides a platform to help creators deliver unique and interesting content to their viewers, thus providing a source of income, giving them motivation and funding to develop higher quality content.

Find your favorite Creator, follow their profile so you don’t miss anything, enjoy exclusive premium content published on Yam and discover exclusive benefits Creator options within subscriptions.

Finding Creator’s profile on Yam

From the Homepage, click on the search icon, Yam will display the search screen as shown below. In the search screen, Yam has suggested some content that you may be interested in.

At the search screen, you can click on the search box and enter keywords. Yam will display search results according to each detailed content as shown below.

In the search list, at the “Creator” tab, click on the name of the Creator you want to search to go to that Creator’s personal information page.

Follow your Creator

At the Creator’s profile page, click the “Follow” button. You will see the image shown below.

Buy purchased content from the creator

On the Creator’s profile page or while viewing content on the home page, you will see content labeled with a price tag. When you choose to view paid content, Yam will display the content purchase screen as shown below:

Choose the subscription you want to join and the duration of the subscription. Then, click the “Register” button to complete the purchase process.

Once you’ve successfully signed up, you’ll see the information change on the subscription you purchased to “I’m a…”. You can close the registration screen, return to the personal profile page of the Creator. You’ll see the line “I’m a …” on that Creator’s profile.

Your support is the source of strength to help Creators be stable on the path of creating colorful but also challenging content. With just a mobile phone and Yam app, you’re ready to support your favorite Creator.

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