Yam Creator account and features you need to know


Imagine living in two worlds: one in which you can enjoy exclusive content as a Fan, and the other in which you may explore the role of an artistic Creator with just a click to connect with your Youtube account. That’s what we want to provide our users on Yam: a vibrant universe of useful content with a variety of flexible functions. 

Let’s find out those unexpected benefits of using multi-platform on the way to pursue your passion!  

1/ Connect with YouTube account  

YouTube has become one of the most well-used platforms for Content Creators to upload content, reach out to their community and generate income from those creative works. Understanding this, we’ve especially designed our application and website to be easy to connect with your YouTube account and upload content on both platforms. Moreover, you will have an extra source of income coming from Yam and YouTube. How cool it is! 

You are the one to decide the content direction of your channel and the price of your content. We don’t want to intervene your creative pathway as we aim to play as a supportive partner helping you to pursue your passion.  

How to connect YouTube account via application

Step 1: From the Homepage, you click to account icon, Yam will display Account screen. In the Creator Account screen, click on the “Connect to Youtube” feature. 

Step 2: On the next screen, select Connect to Youtube and log in to your Youtube account. 

Step 3: After successfully logging in to your Youtube account, at the last screen click “Register” then you have successfully connected to your Youtube account.  

How to connect YouTube account via our website

Step 1: From the Homepage, you click to Account setting in the top right corner, then you click to “Connect with Youtube”.

Step 2: Then, choose your Youtube account: 

2/ Easy to switch between Yam Creator & YamFan accounts 

It doesn’t matter that you have registered Fan or Creator account, we always happy to have more and more people join YamCreator world to bring more and more interesting content to our users. 

For those who choose to become Creator on Yam, you will simultaneously own 2 accounts of Yam Creator and YamFan as the same time. 

How-to switch from Fan to Yam Creator account via app

Step 1: From the Homepage of Yan Fan account, click on the account icon, then you will see Fan account screen. 

Step 2: Click on “Đi đến tài khoản Creator của tôi” to switch to Yam Creator account. 

How-to switch from Yam Creator to Fan account via app

From the Homepage of Yam Creator account, click on “Truy cập Yam” to jump to Fan account. Using these features, we want to let our users freely and comfortably enjoy the create world of those exclusive contents you could only find on Yam.  

Join Yam, shout out to your Fans, create unique content and increase your income!