Enjoy the Livestream and stay connected with Creator on YAM


The distance between Creator and Fan is gradually getting closer since the Livestream tool was born. It is easy to chat and interact, bringing the most authentic moments to the participants.

How to watch a live stream through the Yam application?

You can immerse yourself in free live streaming content, diverse in streaming topics. Or keep the ticket to attend the paid live stream and enjoy the high-quality space experience with Creator. Follow these steps and explore the Livestream space on Yam!

  • For free live streams:

Step 1: From the home page, open the “Live Streaming” tab, Yam will suggest interesting live streams that match your interests.

Step 2: Click on the “Ongoing” livestream that interests you to open and explore the content inside that livestream.

  • For paid livestreams:

You’ll see the price of the asset displayed by Yam with it.

Step 1: From the homepage, open the “Livestream” tab, Yam will suggest interesting livestreams that match your interests.

Step 2: Click on the paid livestream, Yam will display a screen to buy tickets to watch the livestream. Please select “Buy at …” and press the “Agree to buy with …” button to confirm the purchase of tickets to watch the livestream!

Step 3: After successful ticket purchase, Yam will open the livestream viewing screen and you can enjoy the selected livestream.

Relaxing and regain your energy after a long pressure day by joining livestream of one of your favorite Creators. Find out how to send tip to your Creators with some supportive words while they’re livestreaming as love and kind words are worth spreading. Click here for more details.