“Bánh kẹo” handbook: How to check your “bánh kẹo” on YAM?


Sweets and cakes have always been our indispensable favorites; therefore, Yam wants to bring these childhood dishes to you so that you can easily show your fondness for the Creator, and at the same time to buff their energy to create a better-quality innovative product in the future. At Yam App, you can easily check the balance of “sweets” and “cakes” in your wallet with just the following simple steps:

Step 1: From the Home screen, select the “Account” icon. Then, from the Account screen, select “Wallet and payments”.

Step 2: From this screen, you click the Wallet & Payment, My wallet screen will display as below:

  • Current balance
  • Information such as:
    • Buy sweets: Item packs can be purchased
    • Buy cakes
    • Your activities

After completing the guideline, you can easily check the balance in your wallet so that you can be more active in using your “cakes” and “sweets”. With a simple design and a combination of essential features, Yam wants to give users a great experience on the Yam app. Download the Yam app to experience a whole new creative space in Vietnam.