Privacy policy

The First Publication: 5th October, 2021


Thank you for choosing us!

Yamlive Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “we”, “us”, or “our”) is the unit responsible for platform operating and managing an application Yam and the website (hereinafter “Yam”).

We collect, process and store user’s information to provide services including:

  • On the website and the application Yam;
  • Via email, text messages and other communications between users and our website, application, or
  • Through mobile application which you may download from website, Google Play Store, App Store, or any non-browser-based provider of dedicated interaction between you and our website.

We have no control over any websites from third-party that may link to or are accessible from the website and are not responsible for their privacy terms.

Hereby, our API is using Youtube API Service with link to Google Privacy Policy


  • We collect information from our users including personal data used for authentication, or information provided since users use Yam includes but is not limited to the content posted and recorded on Yam platform (“Personal Data”).
  • By using our products and services, you agree to this Privacy Policy to let us collect, process, store, and transfer your personal data. We create mechanisms allowing you to express your consent as we collect your data.


  • While using our services, we will notify users by submitting requests for the required information we need to collect. You have the right to review and decide on the provision of information.

For details on how we collect your personal data, please visit our “Cookie Policy”.


We use your information in the following cases:

  • Provide services: introduce or provide services in accordance with our terms of use, or to make personalized suggestions for you that we need to verify your account.
  • System management and support: information management or user support which may include sending notifications, registrations, support technical issues, etc.
  • Content improvement: conduct research or analyze your activity to develop, testing or improve our services.
  • Legal: enforce our terms of use and comply with legal obligations.


We take actions to ensure that your personal data is protected from unauthorized access, alteration, disclosure, including:

  • We will proactively prevent spam or unsafe links, ensure cybersecurity and prevent hackers from infiltrating personal data. However, we do not fully guarantee a total absence of unsafe activities from users. Therefore, for your greatest assurance, do not access any suspicious link on Yam that may violate our terms of use and immediately report to us.
  • We use encryption while transmitting data between your devices and our systems and a firewall to help prevent unauthorized access to your personal data. Note that we cannot completely eliminate security risks associated while storing or transferring personal data.
  • It is your responsibility to maintain the security of your password and account information anytime, anywhere. We are not responsible for any privacy settings or security measures available on websites or apps that you have violated.
  • We restrict access to your personal data to Yam employees and representatives to process the information and provide you with the best experience. Anyone with this access must perform strict contractual confidentiality obligations and may be disciplined or terminated if they do not comply with those obligations.

For more information about security, you can visit our “Privacy Policy” or contact us at [email protected]


You agree that we may disclose your personal data in the following cases:

  • Share with third-party organizations under our control to provide our products including service delivery, customer management, product adjustment, advertising, analytics, verification, functionality, security, etc.
  • Share with payment service providers: we share with vendors and service providers your information which may include but is not limited to payment processing information for service packs.
  • Share with regulators, law enforcement, or those we believe disclosure is necessary to (a) satisfy applicable law, regulations, legal process or response to a legal request, (b) enforce terms of use, including investigating potential violations, (c) detect, prevent or resolve illegal or suspected illegal activities, security or technical issues, (d) protect against any damages to the property or safety of our company, our users, employees, or others; or (e) to maintain and protect the security and integrity of our services or infrastructure. In such cases, we may make or abandon any legal objections or rights available to us, at our own decision.
  • Share with analytics service providers: we provide information to third-party analytics services, such as YouTube Analytics on our website and mobile application. These service providers may use a number of tracking technologies, including cookies, to analyze your activity when using services that are beyond our control. Therefore, your personal data may be disclosed by these services.

In addition, you can actively share creators’ content via our sharing features with other social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube (known as the “Social Network”) in accordance with our regulations. However, when you select sharing with any other social network, we have no control over it and you’ll be subject to those online connected social networks’ policies (e.g., Security and Privacy Policy of Google). Please keep in mind that we do not take any liability arising with social networks when you use content sharing or any similar features.


We strive to provide you with rights and choices regarding the information we collect, including editing, updating, deleting or suspending your account.

You can access the “Account” section to review, editing or updating your personal data. Please note that the adjustments you make must be true, or you will take full responsibility for the updated information you provide.

If you want to delete or suspend your account, please contact us at [email protected] for proper guidance and support.

You may opt-out of Cookies or providing us with certain personal data, but that may result in your inability to use some of our features as such information may be required to register account; purchase items or services, financial transactions, other payments, etc.

As a creator, you can revoke Yam’s access to your Youtube authorized data via the Google security settings page. Creator have to inform Yam before discontinuing and retracking the access rights of Yam to prevent any damages to Fan in access your products, projects, information via your Youtube connection on Yam.

Note that you should consider carefully as you cannot restore your account after deleting it. To protect your rights, you’re required to check information related to your account such as subscriptions, the number of items purchased, etc.


We store and retain your personal data for the purposes described in this Privacy Policy, including when you decide to delete or suspend your account.


If you want to delete a portion or all of the personal data collected through registration and use of services on Yam, please contact us at [email protected] for proper guidance and support.


We will try to notify you of major changes to this privacy policy as we may revise or update our policy. However, it is your responsibility to constantly review the latest version to capture any changes.

As any changes to this policy are made, the date of changes will be reflected in the “last updated date”. Please review our most current version of our updated policies and agree to them to continue using our services.


This policy does not create enforceable rights by third parties or require the disclosure of any personal data relating to services users of the service, except in the cases listed above and other cases with the user’s consent.


We provide services to users aged 16 or older and we do not intentionally collect personal data from minors.

We will take actions to remove unnecessary information or delete an account in the following cases:

  • Users under the age of 16 that have provided inaccurate personal data to use our services; or
  • Users aged between 16 and under 18 without providing or providing incorrect age information.

Please contact us at [email protected] if you know any user in the above cases.

You agree that we do not assume any responsibility or obligation when you provide inaccurate information of your Personal Data.


When a user’s violation is detected, we will try to minimize its consequences affecting other users.

You agree that we do not have any responsibility or obligation related to your violation of this Privacy Policy. In addition, users are responsible for and compensate for any damages caused by their violations.


We guarantee to secure any data we obtain from you, as we mentioned above. On the other hand, you are responsible for the privacy of your information. We will not be liable if any information is disclosed as a result of your fault or a required disclosure from any regulator in compliance with applicable legislation. Please notify us immediately once you are aware that your personal information has been exposed. Once we’ve reviewed valid information to verify the holder of Yam account, we will strive to support protecting your exposed information by temporarily locking your account.

We will constantly update this policy to explain any changes due to legal circumstances or operations following the law and our operating situation. For more information, feel free to contact us at [email protected].

Our platform is based on Google therefore we will comply with their Privacy Policy. Details of Google privacy policies can be found at: Privacy Policy (Google)


If you have any questions about this policy or our information processing methods, you can contact us at [email protected].