What is podcast? Why do young people prefer podcasts?


In 2021, podcasts have become a trend among young people, especially Gen Z. Many generations of content creators are born from here or have turned to create podcast content. So what is the fascinating thing about this trend? Discover more about the charm and popularity of this movement together with Yam.

Podcast – The new generation radio trend

Podcasts are a form of sharing content by audio. Without a limit on any topic, creators can share various contents. From entertainment topics such as music, movies, books to news or hot events. It can be highly professional content. Besides, it is also simple and clean content. Under the influence of technology, podcasts have taken a new leap forward as content is presented in video format.

It first appeared in the 1980s, when podcasts are known as audio blogs. Until 2004, Ben Hammersley created the term “podcast” in an article for The Guardian. According to him, “podcast” is a combination of two words – “iPod” and “broadcast.” Over the next few years, with the remarkable development of social networking platforms and music applications, podcasts have come into vogue.

Strong Growth in 2021

2021 witnesses the significant growth of podcast format. Many generations of content creators is born and turned to creating podcast content. This is undoubtedly one of the most outstanding creative trends of the year. With the impact of Covid-19, all activities and entertainment programs have been delayed. From here, the opportunity for the development of podcast playgrounds opened. The reason for the growth of podcasts is creators do not need to take much time or human resources to create podcasts. In particular, you can do everything online which is extremely secure and efficient.

There is also diversity and non-binding in any topics that make creators interested. Podcasts content is usually shared and friendly to the listener. During quarantine, more audiences want to listen to sharing, sympathetic towards healing, and podcast content creators have done this.

Yam quickly caught up with this trend and created quality contents for the fans community. Yam became co-producer of 13 episodes of the “Không tầm thường” podcast series by monologue comedian Dưa Leo. Each podcast episode is a reflective story about the guests. They are ordinary people, but their work is not trivial and very significant. And if you want to be a creator and inspire your community, join Yam’s creative space now. Yam hopes to can become a partner for future creators.