Tung and the journey of building the loyal fanbase


As the creative industry has grown rapidly, is also time for the development of social networking platforms. Celebrities have more opportunities to share their products and interact with fans. As one of Yam’s remarkable creators, Tùng impresses audiences with his unique music. Let’s discover more about Tùng’s journey of building a loyal fanbase!

Individual colors in the indie music

In indie music recently, Tung has made his mark on audiences. Besides that, he has created a unique character in his music style and has become a different factor in indie music. Tung’s music is strange as the way he started producing music. Not a professional singer from the beginning, Tung was an architectural boy who fell in love with music. He brings the free color of an artist to his music. In addition, Tung’s strangeness comes from his creative inspiration, his voice, and his music. All the fantastic things combined have created the unique musical character of the young artist.

With the album “26: Individualism”, Tung has expressed his color and growth in music through songs such as “Cái hộc tủ”, “Con dế mèn hát vào mùa hè”, “Gam màu tím ở rìa thế giới” and “Con chim trên cành hát về tình yêu”. As a mysterious factor who have a different color in the Vietnamese music, Tung is looking for a breakthrough opportunity in his career. As Yam’s creator, the indie artist has more time to develop himself and connect with fans.

Yam x Tùng

After joining the creative space for creators, Yam and Tùng had the same goal and collaborated on several projects. Yam became the co-producer of Tung’s first Liveshow in Hanoi Rock City. Following the Liveshow’s success, Yam sponsored and co-produced 10 episodes of the “Tree Talks” project and related promotion activities. In addition, Yam supports creators for marketing, personal branding strategies, and business advice.

If you want to be freely creative, join Yam’s healthy playground and connect with fans. Being a creator on Yam means that you can share your quality contents with fans easily. Moreover, Yam will help you share the content, as well as interact with fans in various forms such as photo, video, podcast, or live stream.