Support Creator Tips – Learn about subscription package and paid content 


Yam is a place where you can watch your favorite creators create interesting and unique content. It is you who will determine the quality of the content you see through the purchase of paid content published on Yam or the subscription package offered by the Creator, providing a great experience, enjoying a comfortable space, and free-ads. Check all the steps below when you want to explore the paid content published by the Creator on Yam or experience for yourself the exclusive content, the special benefits offered by the Creator within the subscription packages. 

How to buy a paid content? 

While viewing content from the homepage or from the Creator’s profile page, you will see content that has a price tag. When you choose to view paid content, Yam will display the content purchase screen as shown below: You can choose to purchase paid content by clicking the “Watch now with…” button. Next, you select “Agree to buy…” to confirm the purchase of the paid content. 

After successfully purchasing paid content, you still want to experience special benefits, curious what exclusive content will be included in Creator’s subscriptions? What are you waiting for, choose one of the two ways as guided by Yam below and immediately choose a subscription package that suits your interests! 

How to purchase a Creator subscription? 

Option 1: Buy a subscription when viewing Creator’s profile 

Step 1: At the Creator’s profile, click the “Register” button. Yam will display the Creator’s active Subscriptions as shown below: 

Step 2: You choose the subscription plan you want to join and the duration of the subscription. Next, click the “Register” button to complete the purchase process. 

Step 3: Once you have successfully registered, you will see the information change on the subscription you purchased to become “I am a…”. 

After closing the registration screen and returning to the Creator’s profile, you will see the line “I am a …” corresponding to the subscription you have selected displayed on that Creator’s profile page. 

Option 2: Buy a subscription while watching Creator’s content

Step 1: While viewing the Creator’s content, click the “Register” button right at the Creator name line as shown above. Yam will now display the Creator’s active Subscriptions. 

Step 2: Select the subscription package you want to join, find out the term as well as related information inside the subscription package. 

Step 3: Click the “Register” button and complete the purchase process. 

From the purchased content to subscriptions, connect and support your favorite Creators with Yam. 

Buying premium content or subscribing to your favorite Creators is an action that helps you connect more closely with your favorite Creator. Besides, Creator also understands your support and love for them, helping them to be ready to create more quality products in the future. 

Join Yam to support potential Creators!