Register for a Yam account – connect with your favorite Creator on an unlimited connection platform


Fan – the people who have a great influence on the success of Creator.  Followers can be anyone, a loyal fan or simply someone interested in creative products.

At Yam, the audience & fans are the ones who will actively contribute to the Creator’s development. Fans can express their affection and admiration for works of art, and can further improve those works with their very practical contributions. Fans will also be the first to enjoy the creations from the Creators, before they are publicly posted on social networks; or exchange and receive gifts that Creator dedicated to his fans. 

So why not register for a Yam account now to enjoy exclusive privileges for the creative fan community?

How to register an account to follow Creator on Yam? 

After downloading the Yamlive app from the Appstore or GooglePlay, the app icon will be displayed in the device menu. 

Step 1: Clicking on this icon will launch Yamlive application, after starting the application you will see the Welcome page. 

Step 2: If you do not have an account, click the “Sign-up” button in the Welcome page. Yamlive will open the Sign Up as User screen via email. 

Step 3: You need to fill in all the information at the Registration Screen below. 

  • Email: enter your email address in the blank box. 
  • Password: enter the password corresponding to the password rule in the “password” blank box. Your password will be formatted (*****). 
  • Confirm password: re-enter the password in the “confirm password”. The entered password will appear as (*****). The confirmation password must match the entered password. 

After reading and ticking the “I have read and agree to Yam Terms and Conditions” text box, click the “Sign-up” button. 

Step 4: If the email and password are valid, you will successfully register and be directed to the Verify your account screen as shown below. 

Step 5: Click on the link inserted in the verification email to complete the user verification process. You will be taken back to the Welcome page with the message: “Your email is valid and you can connect on Yamlive now”. 

Step 6: Click the “Login” button and enter the email and password you registered above to log in to Yamlive. 

With the above steps, you’ve got yourself a Yam account to keep track of your favorite Creators. And, welcome to Yam!