How to fight copyright infringement? “Reporting copyright infringement” guidelines on Yam


Copyright is one of Yam’s top priorities to protect the Creator as well as the content and products created. Yam always respects the products and content that the Creator creates and posts on our platform through the development of policies and regulations on the rights of the author.

You can find out the contents of Yam’s “Copyright & Trademark” policy to protect your works!

When you detect that someone is using products that infringe your Yam copyrights, seeking information about intellectual property law, consulting with consulting attorneys will help you have a specific, possible and clearer view of the complaint process.

Do one of the following when you need to report a copyright or trademark infringement in Yam:

 Option 1: send a Yam notice by email [email protected]

 Option 2: press the “Report” button on the Yam platform.

  • Report an infringement in the Yam application.
  • Report an infringement in the Yam website.

The clearer and more specific the evidence and images are, the more specific it will be to help you prove the violation and protect your products. Upon receiving a notice of violation, Yam will assist you in contacting and communicating between the parties.