Explore Creator Web – YAM’s creative space for creators


When it comes to the Yam creative playground, one of the tools that every Creator should experience is definitely the Web Creator, with extremely useful features for content creation. This will be your very own miniature Studio, making it easy for you to share your artworks and interact with fans and the creative community.

Some features on Yam Creator Web:

Creator Profile Management Page:

Give you an intuitive view of all your activities and income on Yam, with

  • My Wallet: The total amount you earn from posting content on Yam
  • Statistics: Details of channel subscribers; weekly/hourly views, sold content,…
  • My Content: A place to aggregate the content you publish on Yam, divided by form such as “Online Content”, “Livestream” or “Events”.
  • Group chat: A place where you can comfortably interact and interact with the Fan community

Yam has tailor-made the Creator Wesbite version so you can easily upload high-quality content, or share content from your YouTube account to your Yam Creator account. With Web Yam, publishing content has become a lot easier for Creator. So, what are you waiting for without using Web Yam right away!