Dưa Leo – The endless journey of creativity and “Không tầm thường” podcast


YAM Live – a healthy playground for creators, where you can satisfy your passion and interact with the fans. One of Yam’s remarkable creators and projects are Dưa Leo and “Không tầm thường” podcast series. Discover more about Dưa Leo and “Không tầm thường” podcast together with Yam!

About Dưa Leo

As a monologue comedian, Dưa Leo constantly creates interesting and humorous content for audiences. He hopes that through his videos, audiences will have many laughs after a day of hard work. His videos have different topics. With a funny personality, Dưa Leo always sees everything through an interesting and colorful aspect. These things create a unique personality and make his mark on audiences.

Even though being well known to many audiences and achieving some achievements in his career, Dưa Leo is steadily looking for self-development opportunities. He hopes to continue bringing useful and new content to those who are watching and supporting him.

Dưa Leo x Yam

After joining Yam’s creative space, Yam and Dưa Leo collaborated to create the “Bình thường nhưng không tầm thường” podcast series with the image orientation of “The inspiration giver” and podcast as his hero product. In this series, you will be able to hear the simple stories of the guests. Each episode is a meaningful story and message. They may just be ordinary people, but their values and behaviors are extraordinary. Perhaps those normal things have a lot of affection and make good things happen in life. Yam became a co-producer and released 13 episodes in the program.

In addition, Yam supports marketing activities, personal branding strategies, and business advice in the belief that Yam will become a partner on the creative path of creators. If you want an unlimited creative space and more opportunities to interact with fans, join us today!