Discover convenient tools for content creators


Successful content creators are people who constantly learn and create quality contents. So creators can use these tools to create more quality products. Explore convenient support tools for content creators together with Yam!

Image Support Tools

For content creators, images are the main factors to help creators deliver content vividly and attractively. Posts with illustrated images will attract audiences and have higher interactions. In addition to elaborating on sentences and content, creators also need to spend a lot of time investing in images.

Now, with online support tools, you can design visualizations without being a professional. Creators can refer to Canva, Rawpixels, Pexels, etc… These are websites that have huge archives of photos and videos on a variety of topics, including free and paid images. In particular, these support tools have many beautiful and ultra-convenient design templates. Trust Yam, if you elaborate both visuals and contents you will attract quite a few new audiences!

Video Support Tools

In addition to images, videos are also an effective form of message and content delivery for creators. In particular, the tools that Yam is going to tell you about below will be useful for podcast or vlog creators. With just a few simple actions, you can successfully edit a complete and attractive video through websites/apps like Adobe Spark, Motionarray, Magisto…

With these tools, you can cut and edit videos simply and conveniently. Moreover, these websites offer eye-catching video effects and templates with a wide range of themes and colors.

What do you do when you’re stuck with ideas?

In the creative process, there are probably a few times that creators are stuck with ideas. At times like this, the more you think about the more you get stuck. The best thing for creators is refreshing old content. You can explore the same subject in many ways. One more convenient way for creators is searching ideas with keywords through support tools such as Google Trends, Buzz Sumo, and Pinterest. If you type the keyword in the search bar, you will find the trendy topics at the time.

When you join Yam’s creative space for creators, your ideas will be easily realized and shared with your fans. As a partner in the creative process of creators, Yam offers you a healthy and passionate playground. So join us today!