Create your own livestream on YAM and enjoy a live interaction space with Fans!


A private space that helps you to connect, spend time with enthusiastic Fans who are always interested in the content you post, always eager to participate in your livestreams. The feeling of being in harmony with people who always love and appreciate the products you make is like an extra source of energy, chatting with Fan, maybe will bring to you many creative ideas!

So how to create a livestream on Yam App?

Before creating a livestream event, you need to connect your YamCreator account to your Youtube account and comply with the terms and policies set forth by Youtube. Make sure your Youtube account has also set the “Allow embedding” setting as shown below! Let’s create your own livestream on Yam through the following steps!

Step 1: From the homepage, click the plus icon. Next, you choose the “Live Stream” feature. Then, Yam will display the “Livestream” screen to help you create a livestream event as shown below:

Step 2: Enter all the necessary information of the livestream event, including: cover photo, title name and description of the livestream.

  • Cover photo: click the “Edit Image” button to select a cover photo from your device, attracting as many participants as possible.
  • Title & Description: a catchy name, a description that briefly and concisely introduces the livestream content that will attract many participants!
  • Livestream access:
    • You can limit certain groups of fans who can watch the livestream by checking the Subscriptions below access.
    • If you do not have any subscriptions, Yam defaults to all users having the right to watch your livestream.
  • Pricing:
    • You can free some fan groups without buying a livestream by checking Subscriptions below Livestream prices.
    • If you do not accumulate any subscription package, Yam defaults to all users to buy the livestream at the price you specify.
    • If you want to post content for free, skip the step of entering the content price.
  • Number of tickets: If you do not want to limit the number of people who can buy tickets to participate in the livestream, leave this field blank.
  • Categories: categorize your content by assigning several more categories, helping you reach more viewers who are interested in the topics you share in the livestream.

With the features that Yam integrates in Livestream for Creator, Yam hopes you will have moments of fun and freely chat with Fans. Remember to review previous livestreams which it could help you improve your performances and getting more support from Fans. Find out how to do that in here!