Content creator – The dream career of the 21st century


In recent years, the growth of content creators is undeniable. Digital method jobs are increasing, which makes content creators more popular. But many people have confused “what exactly does a content creator do?” and if this job helps creators earn income easily.

Are content creators simply writers? 

There is an argument that content creators are just writing and working with words for the entire day. However, content creators are multi-talented people.

Content creators use their creativity to produce contents on social media platforms. Moreover, they inspire and bring new experiences to audiences through stories, short passages, YouTube videos, or TikTok videos. Therefore, they can be writers, bloggers, YouTubers, TikTokers, coaches, etc.

Nowadays, everyone can become a content creator, but they struggle to leave a great impression on audiences. So we have watched many meaningless contents on social media. Creators who want to move forwards in this industry, need to improve their contents. If you create valid contents with useful messages, successful opportunities will come to you.

How do content creators earn income? 

Creators do not only create quality contents for audiences but also can earn income through creative products. There are platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook which all provide opportunities for creators to earn income.

The ways they earn income include: advertising, promoting for brands or companies, as well as being a content freelancer (content writer, video producer, salesperson, etc.)

However, if creators focus on earning income on these platforms, their creativity can be limited and pressured. Since they can lose their style. For this reason, YAM – digital streaming and entertainment platform is born for passionate creators.

YAM – A healthy playground for content creators

With YAM, creators can satisfy creativity without limits. YAM helps creators attract and build a loyal fanbase, as well as interact with them. Especially, creators can earn income through completely legal methods of fans support.

Content creators are not an ideal choice for those who are impatient. As long as creators maintain a passion and keep creating high-quality contents, self-development, you will be successful in the future.