After Covid-19, what kind of job would you choose?


After 2 years of challenges, everything seemed to be delayed and stopped. However, people have always known how to turn difficulties into opportunities for self-development. Since creative jobs as content creators have become popular. Discover this trend with Yam and make an opportunity for yourself!

Impact of Covid-19

The consequence of Covid-19 is no longer anyone’s business, as it seriously affects most industries. Many companies have to shut down and many stores have to close because they lack the ability to pay. In addition, people’s incomes are also affected, they even have to move to other jobs for a living. Many people struggle through quarantine times, but some people can find their ways and passion.

The key opens a new door

In the face of Covid-19, digital transformation becomes a key of businesses to overcome difficulties during quarantine. Many industries have begun to adapt and seek ways to operate online, from commercial activities to entertainment. In the process of changing, the creator become a current trend which is being fond of by youngsters.

Unlike most industries, content creators are independent of space and time. They work anywhere and satisfy creativity, as well as express their own characters. This flexibility fits well with the youthful and energetic personality of young people.

So who can become a creator? The answer is anyone can turn into a creator and start their creative journey. But few creators stuggle to make their mark on audiences. Content creators may suddenly become famous overnight, but they are also easily forgotten. Without a intelligent plan and strategy, things that creators create forever are just an internet phenomenon, which rises fast then reduces. Therefore, to become a creator with positive influence you must be passionate and persistent, as well as constantly discovering and creating new content.

The Creator’s World

With just a few clicks, you can join the colorful world of creators. Understanding the rapid growth of the creators community, YAM is born and became a trusted partner for everyone.

Creators will have an opportunity to shine and be freely creative because YAM helps you share quality contents with fans. YAM is not only a streaming, entertainment platform but also an intermediator between creators and fans. When you take part in YAM’s creative world, you can earn income from completely legal forms of support besides satisfying your passion. Join us and become YAM’s future creators right now!