What is the power of “report” button? Protect a healthy creative space with YAM!


Yam’s priority concern has always been the quality of the content and user experience on its platform. Yam builds policies with the desire to bring a rich creative community, a healthy space for all its users.

So, even a small action from you can affect, create a positive impact on all users of Yam.

General rules of conduct on Yam

Here are some of the rules we expect our users to follow while using Yam’s platform:

  • Respect and comply with the principles and regulations developed by Yam as well as the rules of conduct on social networks set forth by Vietnamese law.
  • Each user when using Yam needs to be responsible for the behavior, content and behavior with other users before the law.
  • Do not use offensive language, violate fine customs and traditions.
  • Do not post content spreading fake news, false news.
  • Do not post content that is offensive in public opinion, affecting social order and safety.

“Report” button

You are the ones who contribute to helping us bring a colorful creative space, a healthy and safe environment, showing the Creator’s own nature on Yam’s platform.

With the “Report” button, you can directly notify us to handle content that is not suitable for the majority of users on Yam. Caught comments that use sensitive, unhealthy words? Don’t worry, Yam and the “Report” button are here to help! With the desire to create a healthy playground for all users, Yam hopes to bring great experiences for all users.

Let’s explore our rules when participating in the Yam creative space at Yam’s Community Guidelines!