Explore YAM’s rules – maintain a healthy playground


At Yam, we prioritize diversity in content, richness in products. In particular, providing a safe, civilized and healthy space for all users is always Yam’s top concern. Let’s build a civilized and healthy playground with Yam, which is filled with quality and useful products!

General rules of conduct on Yam

Yam establishes rules for how users use and behave on its platform and provides the most enjoyable experience for our users.

  • Respect other Creators as well as all users on Yam.
  • Posting healthy content, in line with ethical values, and regional culture.
  • Respect and comply with Vietnamese law on the rules of conduct on social networks, principles and policies set out by Yam.
  • Do not post information that offends the honor or dignity, affects the legitimate rights and interests of other users.
  • Do not use offensive language, violate fine customs and traditions.
  • Do not post content spreading fake news, false news
  • Do not advertise or trade in illegal services through the content on Yam
  • Do not post content that is offensive in public opinion, affecting social order and safety.

Posting the products, you create and receiving support from fans is one of the great motivations in the creative work of the Creators. However, besides the “wings”, encouragement and suggestions to help develop the content, many malicious comments still make the creators feel uneasy. Use the “Report” feature and ask Yam to help you “handle” malicious and objectionable comments in the content you post.

Report inappropriate comments on Yam App

Step 1: Check the posted content contains inappropriate comments. You can review your created content in one of two ways:

  • The first way: From the home screen, you click on the “Content” icon, Yam will open your content list screen as shown below. Next, you can tap on an asset to view it:
  • The second way: From the home page, you click on the Account icon, Yam will display your Account screen. You select Personal Information. At the profile page, you can see all the posted content in the Content tab.

Step 2: You select a comment that you want to report violation and click on the “3 dots” icon. Yam will open the settings screen as shown below.

Step 3: At the settings screen, select the “Report a violation” button. At the violation list screen, you choose the type of violation you want to report.

Step 4: Click the “Report” button, you will see the comment marked with warning as shown below.

With your contributions, Yam believes that together we will create a healthy space for everyone. To learn more about Yam’s Code of Conduct and “report” button. Or refer to Yam’s “Community Guidelines” for details of our regulations.